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I am a storyteller and always have been. One of my earliest school memories is of my parents sitting in my head mistress’s office because my teacher was concerned about the wild stories I had been sharing at school. Thankfully they were all true… maybe a touch embellished, but all true! The reason I have such weird and wonderful memories from my childhood is because my parents were holiday resort managers on a large plot of land right on the seafront. My days were spent rock climbing, fishing, chasing penguins, swimming in tidal pools (built by my dad) and playing with my new friends camping nearby! (This was perfect, being an only child at the time). *Read below for some of these crazy stories!

I love children and am lucky enough to have three of my own. At the time of writing this, Jackson Luc (Big) is 7, Kasidy Faye (Medium) is 2.5 and my newest addition, Alexa (Small) is only 7 months. It’s safe to say they provide me with daily inspiration AND have made me the photographer I am today. I am currently doing a 365 and taking photographs of them daily… follow me on Instagram if you’d like to see what they’ve been getting up to! In addition to a photo a day, I dedicate a month every year to photograph each of them daily for a month. This is to capture their every moment as natural as possible to remember them at each age showing their favourite toys; games; cheeky expressions and their developing personalities. If you’d like to see these collections click here.

Before Tandykerry, I worked as a graphic designer for print, branding, and packaging. I love both photography and graphic design and am very lucky to spend my days doing both! Now, when not on a shoot, I spend a fair amount of time behind my computer working on exciting design projects… some of which can be seen here:

www.creativecoup.co.uk    or    www.behance.net/tandykerry

Of course when I’m not at work you’ll inevitably find me getting my hands dirty in the kitchen baking; out in the park with the kiddies, or making something crafty like sock monsters for the little ones! (Always with a camera in hand, got to get that shot for the day!!)

It is this combination of being a mother, graphic designer, and storyteller, that makes capturing a moment on camera second nature to me. I know exactly what to look out for on a shoot, to ensure every little detail is photographed and remembered forever. My style is very relaxed and unobtrusive and I’ve been told I am incredibly patient, which comes in handy for those runaway toddlers! I look forward to meeting you and your little ones and capturing your moments! My best photos are the ones I’ve yet to take…

If you’re interested in staying up to date with my creative adventures, here is my latest project, Collette and Co. Also, please follow me on Instagram or like my tandykerry fan page on Facebook.

Click here to see my LinkedIn profile.




* Here are just a few of the bizarre stories from my childhood… My dad found a stray camel from a traveling circus on the beach-front that we looked after in our front garden for about a week until we tracked down the owner… We once got caught in a pilchard run, while swimming in the rock pool, we raced back home and to my mom’s horror my dad grabbed all her king-size sheets to catch them in!…. I once stood on an octopus that attached itself to my foot, my nanny was terrified so she ran away and left me to walk home by myself with it attached to the bottom of my foot like a boot… We found a pregnant Dalmatian hiding in a cave, who had 8 little puppies that stayed with us for 8 weeks until they were all re-homed. (I may have told my friends we had 101 Dalmatians!!) …We rescued a penguin who fell in love with my dad and wouldn’t leave no matter how many times we took it out in the boat, back to where we found him. We would have kept him as a pet (why not?? We had so many!!) but I was petrified of him as he only liked my dad and used to chase my mom and myself around the kitchen!

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