Mini session, Big Moments.

As a mother, there have been times that I wished I had a photographer for literally just half an hour, when I don’t want to be behind the camera snapping away, but in the moment, knowing that someone else is catching that moment for me.

Maybe it’s your little one’s first day of school and you want to get a photo of him/her, all cute and shiny in a new uniform… or maybe you have a new puppy at home and want to catch your child’s expression when they meet for the first time.

For me, it’s blowing out the candles… I’m always torn between taking the photo of my children myself and knowing I’ve got THE shot, versus being IN the shot and hoping I can lump the responsibility onto another mum or dad!

If this is something you are interested in, get in touch so we can work out a cost based on the time and amount of shots needed.


You can book me for a shoot...or you can learn to do it yourself:)

Of course, I'm kidding, I'd love to do the shoot, but here are my top tips for taking better pics with your phone in any case!

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